Career development program in Karaikudi

In this fast moving world it is necessary for individual to plan for the progress of the future career. Starting from childhood everyone starts planning for the future which continues till the end of the career. It involves the process of knowing skills, values, likes and dislikes of one's own self, finding out the goals and learning areas that suits an individual by matching with interest and skills, choosing and deciding a perfect career according to individuality of a person and executing the goal that is decided. This process continues life long as in every stage of life learning, work, leisure and transitions should be managed and are essential. This process includes personal development and career development.

To progress deliberately through a specific career path career development is considered to be an essential factor. Knowledge, skills and experience acquired from career development initiatives assists the ability of a person to achieve a specific goal and to create a meaningful path. Stages of career development include mainly self development, career exploration and career management. Process differs in different places as if to suit the target individual. To decide a perfect career a constructive plan should be made which will help an individual to reach the goal. Overall goal needs to be determined, current position has to analyzed, analyzed position is to be formulated and proper career plan needs to be constructed to develop in the career and to reach the desired aspirations.

To develop a career development plan to meet career objective an individual should be aware of the starting point of career, influence of career choices, explore the way from where current career have come and should analyze educational and professional qualifications, work skills, work experience, interests and hobbies. Using this facts, forecast the particular position wanted to be reached by that person and an individual should decide the future career by knowing the initiation which will take that person into the exact position. Prepare the agenda of your plan; note the possible and impossible things that is mentioned in it and finally plan should be executed. Career development programs organized by the organization enable the entry level employees to acquire skills for their life long career.    


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