How to write SEO friendly Blog post

We all know to write a blog with more stuff and make it interesting, now its time to know that how to write a blog SEO friendly. Its not so risky, rather quite interesting.

Think before you write
First of all, decide a topic to write and think about audience for whom you're writing. Define your ideal reader and gather accurate information for those. Collect all information from your mind that you know about it then make an interview with your friends and colleague to gather more details on that topic. If its not enough then Google it to get more information. 

Frame a perfect structure
Before started writing, frame a perfect structure for your blog. Start your blog with a brief introduction on your title and continue the body by expanding the intro. Body of the content should have exact message with deep explanation, also you can segment your message with sub headings. Finally conclude your blog by summarizing all information you provided. Using paragraphs and headings will grab more attention to your blog.

How to write SEO friendly blogs

Grab attention
Use attractive images with infographics concept to impress the readers. Spotlight the important words to be highlighted than others. Do not forget to link previous blog or post that is relevant to the current post. Make your content more interesting by including useful messages to the readers. Do not deviate your readers with irrelevant messages in the blog body.

SEO friendly tips
Your title should be precise about your topic and include search terms used by readers. Use proper tags to prioritise your post in search results. 
Use one to two percent of precise search terms that surfers use to search about your topic. You can also use long-tail keywords that are used to tap your post in search results. So that your blog post can be found by the readers who are searching exactly for that.  Optimize your image with alt tags and title tags. Write around 400-800 words in a blog post for better reach among readers. Stuffing of keywords will take your blog backwards in search results and many of the blog sites will not approve blogs with overstuff keywords. And those kind of blogs will reach Google sandbox for over promotion. Blogs with responsive design page will look good on any devices such as desktop, laptop, iPhone, tablets and so on. 

After all, get suggestions from others before publishing. So that you can correct those mistakes and enrich your blog for better performance. Unique user friendly content with good looking images will attract readers and search engines.

Happy Blogging!


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