Image Optimization Techniques & Tips

Images are the objects which get first impression on a webpage and it speaks loud in conveying a message. Optimizing such images will create more impact on search results. Image optimization is the important part of on-page optimization in SEO, because images can drive huge traffic to the website. It is an essential art and most important to win the SEO race.
Most fundamental and useful Image Optimization techniques are as follows:
1. Give keyword rich file names to your images
Keyword is the most important part while surfing in the internet. Name image files with appropriate and search friendly keywords to carry the webpage very closer to the viewers.
2. Optimize your image with proper alt tags
ex: <img src="svasamsoft.jpg" alt="Svasamsoft">
Alt tags are the essential part of image optimization. It helps search engines to find out the message of the image. Images with associated alt tags, add more SEO value to the website. It acts as an text alternative when the browser is unable to render the image properly.
3. Optimize file size to reduce load time
Alter the image size as low as possible to decrease the website loading time. It also helps in getting a better bounce rate. Higher file size will increase the load time.

4. Use appropriate images to make your content user friendly
Be relevant to the content that is provided in website. Irrelevant images will deviate readers to other sites quickly and it'll degrade brand image of that particular website.
5. Use high quality images for user attraction
High resolution and HD images speaks louder than ordinary images nowadays. Users will be magnetized with good looking high definition images.
6. Title your image with rich keywords
Give relevant and SEO rich keywords as title for the images. So that it will be indexed faster by search engines.
7. JPEG is the best suited image format to use.
JPEG has got the first place among all other image file formats such as png, gif, tif and so on. And further it also attracts search engine and user as well. It is the highly recommended image format to be used in webpages.
8. Make use of infographics to gather attention
Infographics is current trend of image sharing. It works a lot and its a better way of engaging people. Information given with artistic work is referred as infographic images. Its a marketing tool that visualizes information.
9. Use attractive image captions to make visitor stay longer
Image captions are the best way to avoid viewer to quit immediately. It'll make them to stay longer and gather more information from the webpage.

Optimize images and Create brand image on internet.


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